It's an app that I made through an online course in which I learned the basics of the Qt framework and GUI building.

Updated 2022-07-12 23:48:41 +02:00

Made in C#, it make use of another library that can generate differently themed sets of colours, which I adapted to generate some HTML forms with random color set generated from that library.

Updated 2022-07-12 23:48:52 +02:00

My first try/project about getting my websites generated dinamically in C++ and a library.

Updated 2020-07-11 18:39:02 +02:00

A configuration panel for configuring/updating/creating NGINX and systemd config files, executing the appropriate actions for each service, plus utilities for ease of use and sections to see the related logs in journalctl and dmesg.

Updated 2020-07-30 00:42:07 +02:00

Pokemon description API as if it was told by Shakespeare

Updated 2022-07-12 23:48:31 +02:00

A collaboration tool based on threads, temporal-anonimity and likes to achieve discussions on issues without any personal bias on whoever speaks up it's ideas.

Updated 2022-07-12 23:48:13 +02:00

drinkMe is a test app made as a job code test

Updated 2022-07-12 23:47:59 +02:00

Updated 2022-12-16 20:19:25 +01:00

Updated 2023-05-18 20:47:21 +02:00