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I'm Yevheniy, also better translated as Eugene... 😐

Been on computers from my teenager years, started as a gamer, ended up doing a bit of anything on the computer, even breaking and repairing it, all for sake of curiosity I guess 🤔.

Went to a high school that I regretted later on(building technician). And after the struggle I went to the university of Informatics, twice...
At the first one just the engagement didn't went almost anywhere, because the course wasn't well structured and meaningful.
And after 1 year I went to the second best university nearby home, and I remained at it up to now.

At the university I figured out that, as an academic student, I'm really slow, like I can't even study well multiple subjects contemporary, so my approach is 1 subject at a time(which sucks ™).

But, meanwhile pursuing the studies, I wanted to start to gain job experience early, for the sake of trying and seeing the job environment first hand. And then I stick with it™, because I found myself a really profficient and fast learning worker, which I enjoyed more than university time.
On the other side I don't disdain my university time either, because without it, I wouldn't had the knowledge building blocks that will let me later understand complex arguments easier, and make my life easier overall.

Nowadays I continue with my working career, meanwhile being confident about finishing my university, sooner or later.

Yevheniy (Eugene) Hvozdikov

Software Engineer

What where my job experiences up to now?

Full Stack C# Software Engineer | ETL Developer
for Gruppo SICIS S.p.A.
at DGS Group S.p.A.
October 2017 - March 2018 (6 months)
I did new development on an already existing web SPA(Single Page Application), from the Back-End(C#/WebForms) to the Front-End(HTML/CSS/JS/JQuert) with huge reworkings/rewritings from the old code base.
I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished with such a legacy project(WebForms & XHTML where a big show-stoppers in terms of applying modern development practices but I worked around and accomplished a lot).
Meanwhile the ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) part, I just learned "Informatica Developer" and build many data checking procedures on assurance products, and a little bit of bash scripting.

Internship Software Developer
in Advansys S.p.A.
December 2016 - July 2017 (6 months)
There was my first job experience, it went well overall, even if none of the internship colleagues where proposed to stay at the end. We(3 of us) did many projects and learned many things like C#, Transact-SQL, JavaScript, Web Services(WCF),SQL Server Management Studio, NHibernate, Microsoft Unity API, Logging(log4net).
It was a good introduction on working in a company, and even after finishing it, I still in contact with developers at that company :)

Web Developer
for CasaCosy
July 2016 - August 2016 (2 months)
I did design and develop from scratch, through HTML5+CSS3+PHP and image editing softwares, a presentation/preview site of an apartment rent/sell business, adapted both for desktop and mobile devices, with multilanguage.
I learned a lot of web tecnologies in the process of developing it and the client happy :)
(Here you can see it)

2012 - 2016 (3 years)
It was a part-time/freelance thing, I did Support/Assistance/Helpdesk (software and hardware) and repair (hardware) of desktops/laptops and smartphones(Android, iPhone, Windows Phone).
The majority of my clients came back to me instead of looking for someone else :)

What are my IT skills and competences?

In terms of programming languages I'm comfortable with C#, JavaScript, C and less with Transact-SQL & C++. Meanwhile at web tecnologies, I'm pretty comfortable with HTML5 and CSS3.
From the point view of the development environments, I'm good with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code & Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and less with CodeBlocks and Consoles/Terminals.

Between the frameworks that I currently like to use and study there's .NET Core 2.x which, in my appealing, feels like a very well made framework both for static website and SPAs.

As of speaking about OSs(Operating Systems), I'm quiet comfrotable and advanced user of Windows(7,10) but from time to time I don't despice coming back to check on Linux side and how the UX(User eXperience) is progressing on the open source front.
The reason of not having adopted Linux OSs widely is because with my current machines I failed to find stable & bugless workflows.
...but I really hope that one day they'll catch up with what's missing, disruptive and/or unconvenient for an average end user and start providing better development environments from the point of view of easy usability.

What about my education?

Currently I'm a student of Informatics at the University "Parthenope", it's been a while that I pursued any exam, the reasons are that now that I started working I found myself a better learner at the working place than the university and because I enjoy working I really have little time to come back to university.
But overall I still want to finish the university sooner or later, and I don't mind if it will take a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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