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Renting service project

Renting service(currently developed)

It's an online renting service, similar to immobiliare.it but more automated and with more search criterias. The development is mainly with latest Microsoft MVC framework .NET Core 2.x, HTML5, CSS3(SCSS) and JavaScript.


This personal website 🙃

Started as a bunch of static HTML pages, evolved with NodeJS for SCSS compilation and now fully ported to support the native environment Jekyll , both in generation and styles compilation. Now the management/update of this website has reached a really nice level of automation and modularity that I don't need to repeat myself almost at all 😄

QtCurvesCpp App sample


This is an application that I made through an online course in which I learned the basics of the Qt framework and GUI building. It was a fun experience, and I have in program to use this framework for some of my next projects.

This is a link to such program, extract it, and execute(on Windows) the QtCurvesCpp.exe inside the extracted folder.

GitHub icon

My Website Generator

was my first try/project about getting my websites generated dinamically in C++ and a library.

I kind of accomplished what I wanted at that time; some filesystem issue about paths get in the way and I left the project as it was. Nowadays I keep it to remember of that experience ^_^

Sample of output


made in C#, it make use of another library that can generate differently themed sets of colours, which I adapted to generate some HTML forms with random colors generated from that library, output is an html.txt file, which content I copy paste in the actual template index.html. No further updates I made on it, it was made for the sake of experimenting on an old idea.

Click on the image(not smartphone friendly) on the right to see a sample of the output.

CasaCosy.es Work

CasaCosy.es website

This was my first professional project for an acquaintance. It's a business about renting/selling of apartments in Spain. The previous website didn't resemble anything modern, so I offered help in this regard, with a website rewritten from scratch and adapted to mobile devices. I used/learned-to-use HTML5, CSS3 and a bit of PHP for the translations part.

And nowadays I do little maintenance from time to time, which is painless because of good use of PHP modularity features.

Advansys SpA

Advansys SpA Demo

As a tech exercise at one of my previous jobs, I sketched this demo as a restyling of their previous company website(thanks archive.org). Nowadays their site look like this, similar to many others ._.

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