Pokemon description API as if it was told by Shakespeare
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Pokemon description API as if it was written by Shakespeare.

How to run it

The project that needs to be run should be the one named Pokespearean. The project should be run using Visual Studio 2019(VS). The project has 3 running profiles:

  1. IIS Express
  2. Pokespearean
  3. Docker

The first 2 profiles will run the project directly(clicking on the green play button in VS), opening a browser window at http://localhost:5000.

In this case you need to add to the path "/pokemon/{pokemon name}" where instead of {pokemon name} you need write the name of the pokemon, if the pokemon is found, a json string with name and description will be shown in the browser.

In case you want to use the "Docker" profile, make sure you have "Docker Desktop" installed, from the docker website.

Wanted improvements

  • Add documentation, possibly with swagger
  • Adding a validation service layer, so the incoming data can be validated before any other call
  • Adding more test coverage for the services behind the controller


In case of Visual Studio git pull of the project, make sure to have GIT installed(Windows)